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Let's optimize your brand!!

 With a bold and strategic approach to brand and website design, I help entrepreneurs and small businesses create attractive and pleasing visuals that highlight the benefits and features of their brand that establishes value and confidence.  

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Resources & tools guide us with all the proper information when it's time to illustrate the plan. It's even better when it is accessible in one place! 

Access this freebie to help guide you through the three Ds of creating the brand plan.  

let me ask you this?

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are you....

Tired of using the DIY method to brand your business? Or have you just been so frustrated with the whole process that you've thrown your hands up and quit?  Gone back to using all free templates because it is easier (and cheaper) than having to pay a designer or finding one that is ?

what about this.

Maybe you have been running your business for years and the DIY method has run its course and allowed you to profit in your first couple of years but now the longevity is very promising and you are looking to have brand aesthetics that reflect that.


You have taken the appropriate measures to seek a Graphic Designer but they've disappeared or gave you results that you couldn't possibly identify as your brand.

Did I get your attention?  If so,

i  have a solution!

If you believe your brand is worth the bragg,!......

let's get into the vision and choose your path!!!

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brand design



h o l a !


I'm Ebonee Zachary! I am a brand designer who creates and educates entrepreneurs in need of strengthening brand value and visibility by way of visual aesthetics.

I have been designing for over 10 years. I have a BFA in graphic design with skillsets in marketing and photography. I have been secretly designing behind the scenes for several brands. But more is required of me and it's time for me to expand my brand and reach more people. Let's just say we about to level up together! 


So, imagine working with me and.....

--I provide you with a solution to your unmet needs and bring a visual understanding to your brand concept.

--Establishing a community where your brand aligns with the common goals, interests, and expectations of your audience. 

--Waking up each day excited to own and operate a brand that exhibits authentic and valuable resources. 

--Building a brand that is profitable.

what elisa &shantana said.

I sought services from Ebonee to brand my newly developed business Tandi Wicks. Prior to working with Ebonee, I had not yet discovered my brand identity. Ebonee reassured me that the process that I would be embarking on would educate and grow my brand in the direction I visioned.


Working with Ebonee,  lead me to add her as my brand designer for all marketing and upcoming campaigns. I would highly recommend working with The Ebonee Neicole Design Agency if you are seeking brand guidance. 

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what shantana said

Shantana Todd

Working with Ebonee was a great experience. She was professional at all times, performed the necessary services in a timely manner, and gave me nuggets of helpful information to help build my business even more.  


I would highly recommend Ebonee’s services to start and developing businesses. Her #1 goal is to be an asset to your business. 

what Elisa said

Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 3.32.08 PM.png

Elisa Patrick


got questions?

We are here to help you bring clarity to your brand!

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